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How To Get 1000 Facebook Likes FREE

How To Get 1000 Facebook Likes FREE

If your Facebook fan page represents your company, services, website or blog then it’s really important to have a healthy network of people liking your Facebook page. Getting the very first thousand likes for your page is sometimes really hard but at the same time it is very crucial. Because a thousand number becomes easy on eyes and indicates that your company/website is stable and people already trust it.
So if you have just created your Facebook page, you might be looking for ways to increase your number of likes and would be wondering how to get free Facebook likes, right?
Don’t worry because in this post we will help you achieve your first milestone so that your page becomes stable and gets ready to go out on the web.

STEP 1: Join Quality Websites To Help You Get Facebook Likes

There are a number of websites and tools on the web which claim that they can help you get free likes but the reality is; most of them do not work or they are scams in case they are asking you to pay for their services. But luckily, we have got access to one of the best websites online which can really help you get free and unlimited Facebook likes, yes they are totally free!
Tip: You must create another Facebook account for yourself. This is important because to get likes, you will need to to earn points/coins and for that you will need to like other’s pages. So we would like to suggest you that you should create another account first.
Join the two websites below: (Check out: Our Top Tested Websites)
  1. YouLikeHits
  2. Social Clerks
  3. ARTmeo

1- YouLikeHits

This website comes top of the list because it has been online and has been helping users to grow their network. You can easily earn points by liking pages, watching Youtube videos and following people on Twitter etc.

2- Social Clerks

Social Clerks is our latest and approved finding. This websites allows users to get free Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Retweets, Youtube views, Google +1s, Pinterest Pins and much more.
Current Stats:
If you take a look at Social Clerk’s current statistics (1st March’13), this website has served approximately 1 Million Facebook likes and more than 600k Twitter followers to its users.
The best thing about Social Clerk is; per-click-rewards are higher as compared to other websites .
Higher Rewards Per Click!
Getting credits is super fast! All you have to do is to sign-in to your Facebook account (Tip: Don’t use the real one), open Social Clerk in another browser tab and start clicking “Like”… The more you repeat, the more credits you will earn which you can use for getting free likes for your own Facebook page (this applies for all social networks).
And if you have friends who also want to boost their Facebook likes and twitter followers, then you might want to get a few extra points by suggesting them Social Clerk website and asking them to join using your link. Social Clerk rewards 1500 points for each referral sign up!
Our team has tested this websites for a few projects and the results have been really good. We recommend Social Clerks to our readers.
Social Clerk, free facebook likes

3- ARTmeo

ARTmeo is another potential website which can help you get free likes. You earn points by liking pages, viewing videos/websites and following people on Twitter. You can also earn coins by referring active users, each signup will get you 50 coins!

Step 2: Start Working

Once you have joined these websites, now it’s time to start working. All you have to do is to help other people, that’s all. You have to earn more and more coins/points so that you can use them to get likes on your Facebook page. Get as many points as you can.

Step 3: Choose A Good Payout/CPC

When you are adding your pages on the above mentioned websites, make sure you choose a good payout or CPC. If you choose a high rate, you will get instant results but you will loose more coins/points. So, we would like to suggest you to choose 3 (if max is 5) and 4 (if max is 10). You may also choose the amount as per your thinking.

Step 4: Star Referring Your Friends And Other People

Each of the above mentioned websites give you 50 points/coins for every user you refer. You can use these points to get likes for your page. Once you have joined these websites, copy your referral link and ask your friends or other people to join. If they join the websites as active members, your account will be credited 50 points!

Step 5: Refer More And More People

Act smart and show some creativity to market your referral link to get more Facebook likes. Post your links on relevant groups/forums or blogs. The more people you refer, the more you points/credits thus more likes! :)
We hope this post will help you in achieving your desired target! :)
Don’t forget to share your tips. Use the comment box below to write and share your ideas.

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free facebook followers fast

Free facebook followers fast

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