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How to get more likes on facebook page :

follow like:

Get likes on facebook page by doing these steps:
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Make Friends Like You: You must have a lot of friends on Facebook - so why not put them to work for you? Send a request asking them to check out your page and to like your page! The more friends you have, the more the chances are that you'll quickly get plenty of likes. This will help you a lot, especially if you are a beginner. The first burst of fans to your page will be social proof and will encourage others to come and check your page to see whether they like it.

Advertise Your Facebook Page: Let people know about your Facebook page via your website and business. This can be done by advertising wherever advertisements are allowed, including Facebook itself. Remember to insert the web address of your Facebook page on your business cards.

Be Social: Once you have established your Fan page, go to similar pages and "Like" them using your Facebook Page, you can like and comment as your page. Comment on the posts that attract your attention, which you feel strongly and where you can also add value. Tag specific people in comment threads, where you like what is said by them. In turn, they may also check out your page with a "Like" and keep track of your activities - what you say, what you are all about, what you are up to, etc.

Conduct a Contest: Contests are effective because they help you connect with your fans and create relationships that will help you enormously as you build your online presence. By staying connected, your fans will have no hesitation to bring in their friends and make them your fan too! In this way, you can get them to take part in, maybe, a photo contest and get them to posting a photo with your particular product and later asking their friends to like the photo along with your page also. If you offer attractive prizes you are sure to get a lot of Facebook fans much faster than you ever imagined.

Use Twitter: By using the free service, Twiends" which is to mainly meant to get followers on Twitter, it can be utilized effectively for getting more Facebook Likes for your page and for viewing your YouTube videos for free, so it worth checking it out!

Make the Best of Other Sources: It would be a great idea to use other sources to get more exposure to your Facebook Fan page. You can link to your Fan page from any other account making up possible for people to quickly and easily check out your Facebook Page.

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