samedi 2 août 2014

Dog survives head on collision with fast moving vehicle

Dog survives head on collision with fast moving vehicle

 A pit bull named "Aurora," is lucky to be alive today...on Wednesday, Pitiful Paws Rescue notified their Facebook followers about the incredible trauma that she miraculously survived in Huntington, W. Va.:
We have had a witness come forward and he said that he saw her get hit by a car speeding (at least 45mph) and hit her head on. The driver did not stop. He tried to help her, but she kept running from him and he didn’t want to cause her to run back into the road or injure herself more.
Initially, there were grave fears for Aurora’s chances for survival - she had significant trauma to her face and head, multiple fractures on her jaw, as well as road rash on the top of her head and a hematoma on one of her ears.
Despite the initial concerns, Aurora has proven herself to be a fighter and amazingly, there is hope that she has skirted any neurological damage.
On Thursday, the following good news was posted:
Our pretty girl Aurora is definitely a survivor! Our friends at Animal Care Clinic say that she is starting to wag her tail for them and that she is more alert (well, as alert as you can be with being on as many pain meds as she is).
Donations to help off-set the high veterinary bills are being collected - anyone who wants to help can do so by either making a PayPal donation to: or by calling ACC at 304-525-7629 (Please advise that the funds are for the dog who was hit by a car).
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