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How to Get More Followers on Twitter

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

 Do you want to get more followers on Twitter? You can increase your followers for free these days. The best way is to grow them organically for the long run. If you really need to get more Twitter followers fast, there are some great tools you can use.
The best way for you to increase your followers is to share and tweet often. If you can demonstrate that your content is useful to others, they are likely to follow you for more. You can share your own content such as blog posts, photos, or even Vine videos. But even better is to curate content created by others. By taking the time to find great information around a theme or topic you are providing a nice service to others and they will take notice.
You can find great content to share by searching Google News once a day for the latest happenings in your topic area. If you are into "social media marketing" for example, just type that into Google News search and you can see some of the latest stories to share. You can also set up a feed reader by subscribing to some of your favorite blogs on a topic to easily see all of the latest posts in one place sorted by date. Choose the best bits of information, write a brief and catchy headline and don’t forget to include a link. Keep the length at around 120 characters total to leave room for others to retweet and add their own twist when sharing. Also include the Twitter username of your source as "via @sourcename".
Two great tools to use for curation and adding followers are Buffer app and Tweepi. Both come in free and paid versions so you can test them out and decide if you need to pay for more functionality. Buffer is a web and mobile app tool for scheduling your tweets. Once you add your tweet, you can pick the time and date for posting in the future. Tweepi is great for following and managing your Twitter account. A concept that still applies today is that by following others they may reciprocate and follow you back. Read their bios and make sure that they list interests in common with your own before following. The key to using both of these tools is consistency. With Buffer you should pick a time one day per week to fill it up with Tweets. Tweepi is something you may want to work with daily to build and manage your account.
These suggestions should be enough to keep you busy for a while and give you a nice boost in your follower count too. One thing I never recommend is to buy followers. It sounds tempting, but they tend to be of low quality or even "fake". Fake followers are of no value to you since they tend to be inactive accounts that were created just to use as followers to sell.
Are you ready for more followers on Twitter?
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